DVP Speaker Geoff Webb Wins 2017 Eureka Prize

POSTED BY on 10.31.2017

IEEE Computer Society DVP Speaker Professor Geoff Webb, Monash University, was awarded 2017 Eureka Prize for Excellence in Data Science by the Australian Museum. The Eureka prizes are annual Australian science prizes awarded in the fields of scientific research & innovation, science leadership, science communication & journalism, and school science.

The Australian Museum said, “By bringing together two seemingly disparate approaches to machine learning, Professor Geoffrey Webb has helped forge new avenues of data science research. His work, which has included supporting research into male suicide and a range of diseases, has had significant social and economic impact.”

Below is a short video on Professor Webb’s work:



Congratulations to Geoff Webb!

To book Professor Webb as a DVP speaker click here.

To learn more about the DVP program, apply to be a speaker or to view the full list of speakers, click here.

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