Vote in the 2018 Elections: “It will make the Society—and your profession—better”

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I know. I know. The Computer Society leadership can seem to be very distant from Computer Society Members and can often seem to be dealing with issues that have nothing to do with your conference or your chapter or your standard or your transaction. Yet, as one who has occupied the leadership chair, I can tell you that the leadership is constantly considering questions that will affect all the daily lives of our members. We have to look at the topics that we might cover in next year’s conferences, the scope of our standards operations, or the activities of the chapters.

Vote in IEEE Computer Society ElectionsTo make good decisions—decisions that will help the Society advance, its leaders need your input. They need to know what you think and what ideas you might have. But, most importantly, they need you to vote because voting tells them that you are involved and care about the Society.

So vote. It doesn’t take long. Go to the web site: and make your choice. It shows the Society leadership that you are involved. And it will make the Society—and your profession—better.

This post was written by David Alan Grier, the 2018 Computer Society Election Committee Chair. David is an IEEE Fellow who served as President of the IEEE Computer Society in 2013. He also served as Vice President, Publications, IEEE Computer Society Secretary and had numerous other roles in the Society including representative to various IEEE committees, such as TAB Periodicals, Periodical Review, Publication Services and the Products Board. 

He has been employed over 20 years by the George Washington University in a variety of professorial and administrative roles. David is currently an associate professor in the Center for International Science & Technology Policy of the Elliott School of International Affairs.

He also manages a weekly scripted podcast dealing with the trials and tribulations of living in an age that is both technical and global. It has a cast that is located in Hollywood, New York City, Berlin, India, and Silicon Valley. Grier is a principal in the consulting firm Djaghe, LLC.

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