Computer Society SNIST Student Chapter Highlights the Opportunities of Computer Science at Membership Development Expo

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CS Member and volunteer from the Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology (SNIST) student chapter, Murlidhar Sarda provided an update on the chapter’s activities. The article highlights an initiative conducted in late summer for introducing new students to the benefits of the Computer Society and offering free training on various technical skills.

By Murlidhar Sarda

The IEEE Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology (SNIST) student branch conducted a Membership Development Expo in the late summer to educate students and parents attending an orientation program held on the same day.

One of the most vibrant branches in Hyderabad Section, our IEEE SNIST student chapter developed a plan to showcase the vision and achievements in its 3 wings, namely the Computer Society (CS), Women In Engineering (WIE) and Power and Energy Source (PES).

Members of the SNIST Computer Society student chapter provided workshops on Android app development with Google, web development, PHP and Python. We conducted seminars on smart grid, renewable energy development, power system stability and many more.

Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy, executive director of SNIST, gave a brief talk on competitive programming and its increased demand in the industry. Dr. K.T. Mahee, secretary, lectured on the importance of honing managerial skills alongside technical skills and paved the way for active volunteerism among student members. Dr. K. Sumanth, branch counselor, focused on the related sciences and the importance of being a member of the world’s largest technical organization. Members also presented papers and involved attendees in contests throughout the day.

All of these activities fed into our Computer Society membership drive, which attracted 25 potential new student members and 2 professional members.

One of the students who attended the event for the first time said, “It happens to be the best platform to grow, and we would like to use it in the best way possible to explore computer science and technology, and improve humanity for the future.” Current members talked with new students about the skills they acquired (both technical and managerial), activities conducted by their team, as well as their collaboration with other members.

The activity serves as a kick-off for the student chapter’s renaissance.

Upcoming activities include sessions on Web development involving HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop design; Firebase and Android App development; as well as a workshop on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Murlidhar Sarda is a volunteer with the Computer Society SNIST student chapter SNIST. Members can keep updated on the chapter’s activities via the chapter’s Facebook page, and website. The chapter can also be reached via e-mail at

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