Get to Know Erick Castellanos

Erick Castellanos is the IEEE Computer Society Guadalajara chapter chair.  He received his Doctor of Sciences degree in electronic engineering with a specialization in computer sciences from Cinvestav Unidad Guadalajara, with research in the area of artificial life. He has also worked in the fields of natural language processing, multi-agent systems, cognitive architectures and machine learning. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Ideas XT.

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Night at the Museum: Two Baltimore Chapters Transform After-hours at the National Electronics Museum into a Chance for Members to Experience the Beauty of Aerial Photography

Tucked away in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, the National Electronics Museum is an unassuming building on a small, side street a short distance from Baltimore airport. But once you enter the museum, you are struck by the exhibits paying tribute to electronic marvels throughout history.

The IEEE Baltimore Section has a close connection to the museum, hosting events and administrative meetings in the building, which turns the halls—regularly quiet after hours—into a hotbed of activity for the area’s electrical engineers.

On October 17, the Computer Society and Communications Society Baltimore chapters teamed up to bring aerial photographer Peter Stern to the National Electronics Museum for a presentation of his art. The 20 visitors stared in rapt attention as Mr. Stern took them on an aerial journey through the Mid-Atlantic region. Continue…

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Chapter Profile: Russia—70 Years of Computer Science

Seventy years ago in the halls of the Academy of Sciences, the Soviet Union took its initial steps in the field of computer science (informatika in Russian). Such names as Bruk, Markov and Kolmogorov were among those leading the way with the development of the first Soviet electronic digital computer and research into the theory of algorithms and computable functions. Continue…

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