2018’s Top 25 Resources in SkillChoice Complete

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Announcing the 2018’s Top 25 Resources in SkillChoice Complete. Let’s see what you and your fellow members used the most in our exclusive online learning library from Skillsoft.

Skillsoft LogoBefore we get to the list, here are a few facts about our Top 25 Resources for 2018:

  • Five topics—agile software, CISSP, HTML5, Python, and full stack developer (#1 & #2 resources!)—all had multiple resources in the Top 25.
  • Seven resources from our business library also cracked the Top 25 (#5 – 9, #18, & #23).
  • Twenty-two of our resources are courses, two are books (#14 & 17), and one is a video (#3).
  • Our #1 resource was released in early December and, in one month, out-performed all of the 67,000+ resources in our learning portal.

25. Agile Software Development – Scrum
24. TOGAF® Fundamentals – Enterprise Architecture Basics
23. Implementing Transformational HR
22. DevOps Fundamentals: Tools, Technologies, and Infrastructures
21. CISSP: Security Principles, Governance, and Guidelines
20. Styling HTML5 and JavaScript
19. Introduction to Agile Software Development
18. Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials
17. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam
16. Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Cloud Security
15. Internet of Things Applications
14. Python Pocket Primer
13. CISSP: Risk Management
12. Java SE 8 Fundamentals: Introduction to Java
11. The Basics of Blockchain
10. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS
9. Active Listening Skills for Professionals
8. Becoming Your Own Best Boss
7. Time Management: Quit Making Excuses and Make Time Instead
6. Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in a Customer Service Environment
5. Administrative Support: Projecting a Positive Professional Image
4. Python: The Basics
3. Big Data Engineering Perspectives: Defining Big Data
2. Full Stack Development: Introduction
1. Full stack Developer (FSD) | Bootcamp with Expert Live and Encore

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