Keralite Student Members Come Together for the All Kerala Computer Society Student Congress 2017

The Computer Society’s Muslim Educational Society (MES) College of Engineering Student Branch Chapter hosted the All Kerala Computer Society Student Congress 2017 (AKCSSC17) on October 6-9.

The event sought to create an educational and motivational hub for Computer Society members across Kerala in India. Some 190 students from more than 25 colleges attended the conference, which included workshops on smart cities, cryptography, Internet of Things, blockchain, and virtual reality, as well as presentations on entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, social media and branding, and Women in Computing. Continue…

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Chapter Profile: Russia—70 Years of Computer Science

Seventy years ago in the halls of the Academy of Sciences, the Soviet Union took its initial steps in the field of computer science (informatika in Russian). Such names as Bruk, Markov and Kolmogorov were among those leading the way with the development of the first Soviet electronic digital computer and research into the theory of algorithms and computable functions. Continue…

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