Vote in the 2018 Elections: “It will make the Society—and your profession—better”

I know. I know. The Computer Society leadership can seem to be very distant from Computer Society Members and can often seem to be dealing with issues that have nothing to do with your conference or your chapter or your standard or your transaction. Yet, as one who has occupied the leadership chair, I can tell you that the leadership is constantly considering questions that will affect all the daily lives of our members. We have to look at the topics that we might cover in next year’s conferences, the scope of our standards operations, or the activities of the chapters. Continue…

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Meet the Candidates for 2019 President-Elect/2020 President

Updated: Voting is now open. Deadline to vote is 24 September at 12 PM (Noon) ET.

Our final post regarding the 2018 election candidates is for the position of 2019 President-Elect/2020 President. The two candidates on the ballot are Leila De Floriani and William D. Gropp.

The candidate elected to this office will serve a 3-year term on the Executive Committee, broken down as follows: the first year as President-Elect, the second year as President, and then the final year as Past President, in 2021. The term will begin on 1 January 2019.

The President of the Computer Society has three main functions: to serve as the chief elected officer of the IEEE Computer Society, to represent the entire membership, and to provide leadership and direction for officers and society programs.

Here are links to read about the other open positions in this year’s election as well as the candidates running for them: Board of Governors, 2nd Vice President, and 1st Vice President.

Remember, voting begins on Monday, August 6, and lasts until September 24 at noon EDT.

Below, the candidates running for President with their position statements and biographies are listed in alphabetical order. Both candidates provided a website with more information about them and their candidacies. Continue…

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