Distinguished Visitor Presents to Global Audience

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Ignacio Castillo, Distinguished Visitor (2015–2017), partnered with the IEEE Computer Society Turkey Chapter Chair, Fatih Ugurdag, to broadcast a presentation on “Data Centers: The Cloud Computing IaaS” to a worldwide audience through YouTube.

A professor and researcher at Autonomous University of México City and consultant at Datacenter Dynamics, Ignacio offered an overview of cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS & IaaS) but centered on IaaS, delving into the concept of data centers—where clouds live.

Ignacio presented a global picture, taking into consideration fundamental elements, trends, challenges and special applications. Then, at the end of the lecture, Mr. Castillo discussed industry standards and certifications.

Distinguished Visitors Program

If you are interested in hosting a Distinguished Visitor, see our Distinguished Visitor Program webpage and submit the DVP request form. The Computer Society will cover $1,000 in travel costs for the speaker to travel from their location to yours. Thirty-one Chapters and Student Branch Chapters have benefited from this program so far this year. Don’t miss out!

Online Presentations

IEEE Computer Society has begun creating more online presentation from Distinguished Visitors like this one. You can see Mr. Castillo’s presentation at Kerry Cosby’s Channel on Youtube, along with a presentation by Distinguished Visitor David West, CEO and Product Owner at Scrum.org.

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